mardi 29 octobre 2013

Moodboard - Halloween

 We're just obsessed with these Halloween outfit ideas from Oh Happy Days !
 We love those wedges from, they would be perfect to go trick-or-treating because
they combine both black leather and lace, and we also like the three little rounded studs.
Don't they look just like spider webs ? Add this pair of shoes to your witch outfit for full effect ;) They also come in cream and they make us think of garden party ! (Bottines noires compensées)
Those bags really are the coolest of the season, right ?
Charlotte Olympia got inspired by Halloween, and we are crushed.
Which one is your favourite ?

We also like this little black dress from because it's so simple and elegant, yet with lovely details like the jeweled shoulder pad, the V cut in the back and the frilliness of the skirt ! And Halloween's not only a time to dress up as monsters, but also a time to get glamorous and channel our favourite icons, so we would definitely recommend this "Petite robe noire" if you want to dress as Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffanny's ! And you can also totally re-use this dress for various occasions !
To finish a great outfit, don't forget to treat yourself with a special nail art !
Here are our favourite inspiration :)

lundi 28 octobre 2013


If Alice In Wonderland was taking place today, I bet she would wear an outfit like today's.
By the way, have you watched the new show called Once Upon A Time In Wonderland ?
It's so awesome and fantastic, I looove it ! The leggings and sweater are from H&M,
when I saw this incredible cat sweater, I just couldn't resist, because, well... I love cats !
I'm crazy about how the cotton fabric was stitched on this piece, it makes it so comfy and cool.
The blue beanie and boots are from Primark and the grey biker jacket comes from C&A.

samedi 26 octobre 2013

Miu Miu Gems Make Up Tutorial

Today we want to share our take on the Miu Miu Gem make-up from the Autumn/Winter 12/13 collection, we fell in love with it because it's so bold and crazy, and we also really love that 60's and 70's vibe ! It's a really cool make-up to do for a special night out or a costume party. Of course, it's absolutely not a look to wear at work but it's cool to get inspired by the awesome looks on the runway and it's the perfect excuse to finally get to use our bright colors eyeshadows, right ?

If you want this make-up to stay all night long, we totally recommend to start with a primer, both on your face and lids. Also, the eyeshadows colors are generally more vibrant if your brush is wet ! We found the colored gems in a craft store (we used the same for this DIY !)

We hope you like it, it's really easy to do, just follow our step by step ;-)

mercredi 23 octobre 2013

We Love...

We absolutely love this Wildfox Couture photoshoot, that's exactly what we want and need this season :
cosmic and nerdy prints, chunky sweaters and romantic denims !

Such a cool and relaxing home decor (from Planet Deco)

 Oh Lord, look at those two pieces !!! Amazing right ? We think they totally belong
in every girl's closet because they can both be so versatile. First, look at the shoes !
We always love a cool pair of wedges and this one (Sandales compensées camel) has all the
perfect details : a suede fabric, a shoelace on the back and just the right amount of hardware here
and there. We want, plus they also come in black if you're not into camel.
Then, this dress (Robe courte blanche) ! Okay, white lace often seems to be out in the shops
during summertime, but we think you can wear this piece during fall too and this one's in faded
cream so it would be just really beautiful for the season. We can't stop thinking about all the shoes
we could wear with it... What do you think ? They're both available on

Just discovered Love Creative People where they sell this amazing 9-racks shelf.
Of course, it would be perfect to put all our clothes and shoes in, but I would be
more happy to use it as a bookcase for books and magazines !

Love these three girls on Jak & Jil, it feels just like they're out of a Gossip Girl episode !

lundi 21 octobre 2013

Edelweiss loves La Redoute contest


Hello à tous ! Nous avons récemment participé au concours EDELWEISS LOVES LA REDOUTE au showroom. Autumn porte un pullover et un manteau SOFTGREY ainsi qu'un sac BA&SH.

Le concours vous donne la possibilité de gagner un bon d'une valeurs de 100.- et de nous donner la possibilité de partir pour un week-end. Vous pouvez voter plusieurs fois, en remplissant le petit formulaire en cochant notre nom STRADIVARIUSISTERS.

Nous vous serions MILLE FOIS reconnaissantes si vous le faisiez :)


Hello everyone ! We recently did some pictures for a contest EDELWEISS LOVE LA REDOUTE at the showroom. Autumn is wearing a pullover and a mantel SOFTGREY and a bag BA&SH.

The contest give you the opportunity to win a 100.- voucher and give us the possibility to go away for a week-end. You can vote as many times as you want, filling in the form by ticking our name STRADIVARIUSISTERS.

We would be GREATFUL if you could vote for us :)

samedi 19 octobre 2013

Instagram #31

Here are some snaps from our Instagram accounts ;)
For more pictures, check out : @autumnazur and @summybaby
♥ Topshop cat bag, yay !
♥ Love Hearts candy
♥ Evening drink
♥ Kawaii pens
♥ Back to the Future car
♥ Love those pop art Lipton cans
♥ No rice, no life
♥ Intimissimi sweetness
♥ Homemade lemonade :)
♥ Universal Studio art
♥ Empty rolls
♥ Colors at night

jeudi 17 octobre 2013

Little Boots

 I don't wear these boots enough, I think.
Perfect heel, great color and details, plus they're super comfortable !
Bought them at Promod about six years ago and I wear them with my navy cable knit 
shorts from Asos, my Lancaster bag and Primark tshirt and trench.

lundi 14 octobre 2013


This weekend was dedicated to F.A.S.H.I.O.N. in Geneva !

Thanks to Edelweiss Magazine who organized a showroom at the Hotel Tiffany (rue de l'Arquebuse 20) where you could meet all that VERY talented designers.

It was such a great weekend. We started on Friday, with a blogger/professional drink where we met Yasmine from MINE VANDER. She was SO lovely, we loved her so much! She's an illustrator/designer, draws for Femina (and many more) and is about to start her 3rd book already ! We wish her all the best and hope we will meet her again !

We had a glass of champagne, talked with our beloved Vanessa H. from Edelweiss Magazine who introduced us to Nicole Rupp from L'Oréal Paris (be patient, we will take about her later ☺), then we ran through L'Evento restaurant where there was a party for the Prix Lily which is rewarding a price to a designer for his work. And the winner is..... RS HADER ! Congrats to them (it's two cute girls, one is redhead and the other is a brunette) ! Remember Summy wore one of their piece for the Edelweiss Style-Lab, it was that skeleton shirt that we love so much ! 


L'Evento is such a cute place where all the waitresses were kind and looking after us to feel good. We ate some shrimps risotto, tomato gnocchi, red tuna tartare, cherry tomato with honey and sesame (that was DELICIOUS) and grisini with Parma ham. We could tell you that the champagne was flowing AND amazing. All the Edelweiss Magazine's staff was amazing and caring after us (thanks to Fabio, Virginie, Jérôme, Claudio and Tristan). We felt very blessed and we want to thank them for that !

For the story, when we wanted to pick up our car to go back at home, we couldn't because there was a bomb alert (yes, even in Switzerland that happens). The police closed the street where our car was and we weren't able to go there. We had to wait 2 hours and the policeman told us "Go grab a drink !" (good tip hugh!). Hopefully, we could go back at home without any problem, because there wasn't ANY bomb in fact ! What a loss of time !

We woke up on saturday, ready to face a new fashion day. We took the train to Geneva where we met with a friend of our, Raffaella. We visited the showroom and as usual we loved so much that place where it's so comfy and original to see the designer's work. But sometimes, it was a bit difficult to move through the rooms or even into them because there was a LOT of people. However we managed our way ☺

Autumn bought a cute geometric necklace from FLAMINGO JEWELLERY. We loved each pieces of her collection. You definitely gotta see it ! It's a mix between gems, chain and crystal. The colors are bright and can be worn  at any time, from summer til' winter. 

For the Edelweiss Style-Lab, Autumn was wearing a kind of "marble" pullover / long sleeves top from BERENIK. We loved to see her entire collection and the pieces were so amazing. The fabric was beautiful. 

We loved so much the pattern and designs from IDA GUT (look at her office ! it's amazing !). There was some of her pieces at the Style-Lab but it was too hard to choose between all of them. Plus, her lookbook is RAD ! 

TRUMPET BY MEISTER was there too! We saw her new collection S/S 2014 and we definitely want to have it all ! She was inspired by swiss chocolate, pearls and glitter. IT'S TIME TO SHINE is the perfect name for her collection ! She made some fake chocolate and topped them with pearls and everything that we need to shine, then she printed those shiny chocolate on the fabric and made some bags, dresses and everything ! Such a cool idea !!

BAIES D'ERELLE and VIVA FRIDA were sharing a room. Viva Frida is so cute, all their clothes make you travel throught the time and eras. There are various fabric as silk, cotton and many more. Baies d'Erelle presented her jewelry collection. It's a mix between chunky chain and gems, old gold and silver. She called her collection "Hecate, queen of the dark moon", we loved it so much as some wannabe witch AHAH ! It's so spiritual and bewitching.

LITTLE BLACK DRESS - as usual - presented some AMAZING pieces as kind of holographic green and red dresses or silver jacket. When we saw the collection, it made us think about the 50's and all that crazy party that you had to be super dressed up. LBD's lookbook is so great because they created another timeless universe with that galactic layout.

And last but not least, please make a round of applause for the HEAD alumni: JEREMY GAILLARD ! This genius presented a collection with various leather, amazing pattern and high quality fabric. More than fashion, it's ART. Better: MASTER PIECES. No need to speak more about him. Just look at the pictures.