jeudi 3 octobre 2013

Military is the new black

Hello Stradi Girls and Boys !

Hope you're doing well and THANK YOU for following our blog ! It's so great !!

I got a few moods, sometimes I'm happy and I wear black and sometime I'm sad and I wear black TOO ahah ! Beside this joke, I really love dark colors, mixing them with some accessories for some more fun. Bright colors don't suit me really well because of my pale skin. (I'm so sad that I can't wear fluo clothes, but okay most of them are really "L.M.F.A.O." so it's not that bad).

I like this outfit because this vintage jacket is comfortable as HELL ! I bought it at ROKIT in London a year ago for only 10 pounds !!!! I found some burgundy trousers in H&M that I really love (but still that problem, it goes well by the legs but not the butt and in the other way...). The shoes come from BATA and the jewels are my CLAIRE'S legacy ahah. I love big hoops as the Chulas, and chunky chain are at the top this season.

2 commentaires:

Dom a dit…

j'aime bcp aussi le style militaire c'etait aussi la mode il y a quelques annees ;-)

Julie a dit…

trop belles tes Creepers