mercredi 9 octobre 2013

Miss Hat & Bag.

Dear Stradi Girls and Boys !

A few days ago, Summy and I went to a TRUMPET BY MEISTER's sale. It was so hot this day, we were so excited to buy Vanessa (from Trumpet) something that it didn't help to cool down a little bit.

I bought this AMAZING unique piece ! When I saw the bag, I immediately knew that it was for me. It's a satchel with a fabric that Vanessa drawn herself.
Don't forget the SHOWROOM EDELWEISS at the Hotel Tiffany in Geneva, from the 11th until the 13rd of October. It's open to anyone and FREE ! There will be a lot of swiss designers and OF COURSE Vanessa from TRUMPET BY MEISTER (she will present her new collection, WE CAN'T WAIT) (okay I need to stop the caps lock...)
For the showroom, all the informations --> HERE

Back to my outfit. I'm wearing a black top from PRIMARK with some stripes (so obsessed okay...) on the sleeves. I'm a bit disappointed by the fabric, cause it's quite transparent and it shows my boobs...but so whatever ! The skirt is a bit bleached washed grey, I love it so much (obsessed with grey too...), also from PRIMARK. In fact my hole outfit - except the satchel - comes from there AHAH !

I dyed my hair black recently. What do you think of it? Some says that it makes
me evil or bitchy ahah ! I was so tired of that blond tie-dye that everyone has and it wasn't even on purpose. My problem is that my hair doesn't "grab" the color, just for a few days and after it's fading out. Do you have any tips to make it stay more longer?

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Marie a dit…

super sac, j'adore

Magg a dit…

Love your manicure it's so fresh and new !