samedi 26 octobre 2013

Miu Miu Gems Make Up Tutorial

Today we want to share our take on the Miu Miu Gem make-up from the Autumn/Winter 12/13 collection, we fell in love with it because it's so bold and crazy, and we also really love that 60's and 70's vibe ! It's a really cool make-up to do for a special night out or a costume party. Of course, it's absolutely not a look to wear at work but it's cool to get inspired by the awesome looks on the runway and it's the perfect excuse to finally get to use our bright colors eyeshadows, right ?

If you want this make-up to stay all night long, we totally recommend to start with a primer, both on your face and lids. Also, the eyeshadows colors are generally more vibrant if your brush is wet ! We found the colored gems in a craft store (we used the same for this DIY !)

We hope you like it, it's really easy to do, just follow our step by step ;-)

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