mercredi 23 octobre 2013

We Love...

We absolutely love this Wildfox Couture photoshoot, that's exactly what we want and need this season :
cosmic and nerdy prints, chunky sweaters and romantic denims !

Such a cool and relaxing home decor (from Planet Deco)

 Oh Lord, look at those two pieces !!! Amazing right ? We think they totally belong
in every girl's closet because they can both be so versatile. First, look at the shoes !
We always love a cool pair of wedges and this one (Sandales compensées camel) has all the
perfect details : a suede fabric, a shoelace on the back and just the right amount of hardware here
and there. We want, plus they also come in black if you're not into camel.
Then, this dress (Robe courte blanche) ! Okay, white lace often seems to be out in the shops
during summertime, but we think you can wear this piece during fall too and this one's in faded
cream so it would be just really beautiful for the season. We can't stop thinking about all the shoes
we could wear with it... What do you think ? They're both available on

Just discovered Love Creative People where they sell this amazing 9-racks shelf.
Of course, it would be perfect to put all our clothes and shoes in, but I would be
more happy to use it as a bookcase for books and magazines !

Love these three girls on Jak & Jil, it feels just like they're out of a Gossip Girl episode !

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