vendredi 1 novembre 2013


Hello Stradi Girls and Boys !

We're back from London, luggage full of clothes. YAY !

I dyed my hair black (kind of inside rebellion) and dress almost everyday in black. Here is a COMPLETE new outfit. I love this jacket that I got from PRIMARK. It's a bi-material one, the sleeves are faux-leather. I like the wide collar and the belt that makes the belly tight and embellish the waist/curves. The skirt comes from ZARA and is also bi-material. The shirt, the earrings and the shoes come from PRIMARK too :)

The shirt is on that tartan mood but more soft because it's a black/white one. For the story, I used to wear it after my work, and because of my boobs a button blew up AHAH ! I was almost naked in the street !! The need to put more buttons on shirts for those who got big boobs !

2 commentaires:

Joyce a dit…

J'adore ta veste !!!!

Anne a dit…

Tellement fan du manteau !