mercredi 20 novembre 2013

Grey over all.

Dear Stradi Girls and Boys !

We recently won a contest "Edelweiss loves La Redoute" thanks to you !! We won a voucher to get some clothes from La Redoute and a trip to Paris with an entry to the press day. Unfortunately, we couldn't go to Paris because of our jobs, but we'll go next season.

We got so much fun picking up our clothes on LA REDOUTE and here is a few stuff that we get. I fell in love with that black/white boyfriend SOFTGREY coat. I immediately knew that it would be perfect for my shapes. When I saw the wedges boots, I had a crush on them but didn't know if the size would fit me because I got big feet. But they fit me perfectly !! The rest of my clothes comes from H&M, such as the clutch that I accessorized it with a fox tail bought in Portobello Market (London).

We met a lovely cat friend during the shoot, he got such a cute face and followed us all day long AHAH ! For my make-up, I used a REVLON foundation, SLEEK blush and BEAUTY UK lipstick.

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