mardi 5 novembre 2013

Hey, it's okay...

Today we're sharing some of our latest favourite quotes from the Hey, it's okay pages of Cosmo UK ;)

... to judge a guy by his ringtone. You're sexy and you know it ? Oh, really ?
... to wear heels at home just to feel taller
... to wear wild sunglasses even if it's borderline raining
... to overdress on purpose
... if Cara Delevingne-style does not look cute or cool on you
... to care more about TV couples than your friend's 3d boyfriend this year
... to flirt with your barista. Through thick and thin, he's the one who's there for you every morning
... if your totally fantastic outfit is basically just jeans and a tee
... to let your phone die and just be all 1995 for a day
... if the closest you have come to doing a juice cleanse is googling juice cleanse
... to secretly steal outfit ideas from cool preteens in the streets
... if your version of cleaning is piles
... to not bother opening any emails with fwd: fwd: fwd: in the subject line
... to never get the whole "one kiss or two kisses" greeting right. Embrace the awkwardness
... to consider a day spent watching New Girl a totally legitimate cold cure

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Layla Belk a dit…

Oh! :) c'est toujours la première page que je lis quand j'achète le magazine ^^ Il y en a aussi dans le Glamour...

btw votre blog est top, j'adore!