lundi 4 novembre 2013

How to go vintage

Today it's gonna be all about vintage ! We don't know about you, but vintage shopping is something that excites us a lot and it really works for us.

First of all, you need to know that vintage shopping is like a treasure hunt and sometimes it happens that you don't find anything that works for you, but sometimes you'll find the most amazing pieces ! So we think it's worth the hunts ;) Before going to your first vintage spree, remember to stay focus and look for items that you know will fit you or that you can easily alter to a more modern design. Also keep an eye open for eccentric and crazy items (accessories, but also we really love printed shirts to create cool and unique pillowcases). Trust us, just being in a vintage shop will absolutely inspire you to do so many art projects !

Maybe you find it gross to wear other people's clothes but most vintage shops clean their products and make sure they're not damaged or stained. But you never know, maybe the stain will make you think of a great DIY project ? Another thing you need to have in mind is that vintage's demand only increased in the 90's so there's still a lot of materials "in the wild", and a lot of eras (from 1920 to present), and also a lot of different shapes that represented an era. People became aware of "vintage style" when celebrities became super-celebrities and wore vintage Chanel on the red carpet. Today vintage has really became part of the culture, so we hope you share our love !

What we love about vintage is finding clothes that carry the story of its previous owner, these pieces are unique and rare. Also, it's budget friendly and it's a great source of inspiration and we can alter them with studs, sequins and paints ! If you want to stay safe while wearing vintage, why not start with a great bag or any other kind of accessory piece ? If you're wearing a vintage shaped dress, avoid clichés and try to keep it a bit more edgy and creative.

If you're interested by finding vintage treasures, we would advice to start soon : there's a huge event in Geneva called "Les Automnales" and this year they run a three-days vintage salon called "Les Jours Vintage" with  some pieces from the last century : of course some clothes, but also design items, bikes and more ! There will also be an Army Stock (the biggest of the region, so you bet you'll find us there!). Here's the info : 

Les Jours Vintage
Palexpo, Genève, Halle 3
Vendredi 08.11 et samedi 09.11 : 11h - 21h
Dimanche 10.11 : 10h - 19h

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