lundi 11 novembre 2013

London witch

Hello Stradi Girls and Boys !

Here is one of my London's look when we went there two months ago (yes, it's been a while but we had so much to do we couldn't post the pics before). I wear a total look Primark. I found that green skirt so great that I bought it in burgundy too. I used to wear mini-skirt because I thought pencil/long skirt wouldn't be great with my big calves but it turned out that I was WRONG !

Those days in London were quite warm but sometimes it was windy so I put a long sleeves cardigan in case of cold weather. I tried to mix the casual side (stiped shirt) with a touch of girly-glam (skirt and accessories). Summy kept telling me all day long that my cardigan made me look like a witch AHAH ! I think this look was taken on the first day, I didn't thrown my money out and splurged, this is why I'm still wearing those old boots from La Halle aux Chaussures. I throwed them away the day after, when I found some new boots to die for.

P.S.: You can notice that I had my OH-SUPER manicure from Wah Nails (basement floor at Topshop). If you're going to London, you HAVE to go there !

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