jeudi 28 novembre 2013


Hey guys ! Today we are sharing a haul we filmed a few days ago when we received a really nice package from Lush ! There are several shops in Switzerland, but if you can't find one near, you can also order on their online shop - they also sell gift boxes of all sorts, and this would definitely be an awesome gift to offer someone for Christmas ;)

The video features the following products :
  • Santa's Lips Scrub / Baisers Volés : it's an amazing red lip scrub made with sugar to exfoliate your lips and remove all the dead skin and it has a Cola flavour which isn't too strong. To remove the scrub, you can simply lick the excesse on your lips or wash it with warm water. It's a Christmas special so hurry up if you want to get it ;)
  • Bombardino : this bath ball is inspired by a famous drink from the Italian Alps and is made of sheabutter to soften the skin and citrus essential oil. It smells like cheesecake or meringue and will give your bath a nice yellow color and leave your skin amazingly soft.
  • Papa Noël : it may be pink on the outside, but once you've put this Santa into your bath, it will reveals its traditional colors : red and green ! You'll get pampered and stimulated by its amazing mix of fruity oils - tangerine, bergamot and orange blossoms !
  • Papa Pingouin : this is a pygmy pengouin from Australia, the smallest pengouin in the world ! You'll love the orange blossoms and tangerine oils which will instantly refresh you and you'll feel just like a mermaid in the turquoise bath water :)
  • Mont Sucré : this pink and white pearly montain is a bubble bath ! The cornstarch and vanilla oil make it so sweet it smells like cotton candy !!! A real must-have ;)
  • Ainsi fond, fond, fond : a melted snowman that smells like marzipan and snow, what else ? Made of sheabutter, cinnamon leaf and sweet almond oil, it will invigorate you and chase your tiredness.
  • 29 1/2 High Street : this cute house filled with lime oil will make your bath go completely orange and will release an effervescent Santa :)

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Alice a dit…

j'adore les exfoliants de chez lush, tout sent toujours tellement bon !