vendredi 15 novembre 2013


If you're looking for a great place to a weekend getaway, London is the perfect city !
Today we are sharing our vlog and pictures, as well as some advices on what to do :)

  • Do buy your tickets months in advance if you can, for the best prices
  • Don't overpack, London is a city of treasures, we bet you'll find yours ;)
  • Do book Southern Railway train tickets instead of Gatwick Express, it's way cheaper
  • Don't go to Starbucks for coffee, but instead try Caffé Nero or Costa
  • Do go to Portobello and Notting Hill for the awesome markets
  • Don't spend your cash away on transports : buy an Oyster card, better price
  • Do stop in Chinatown for a glimpse of asian madness
  • Don't bite your nails waiting for your turn at Wah Nails (Topshop, Oxford Circus), you'll look fantastic with your new mani, plus the Wah Girls are awesome !
  • Do stop in Hyde Park for a squirrel moment
  • Don't miss the opportunity to drink tea at the Mad Hatter's Party (Sanderson Hotel), it's just a one of a kind experience you'll never regret ! (And do not scream wen your gourmet feast hits the table) #bestbirthdayever
  • Do a first shopping stop at Primark so you'll buy the cheap basics you need to make a trend work
  • Don't miss the great exhibitions the various museums offers, whether you like fashion, sculpture, live performance, London will give you them all ! This time, we chose to visit the Club To Catwalk exhibit at the V&A and it was just amazing
  • Do wander and find unique restaurants
  • Don't try to feed the pigeons like Autumn did #AnHomelessMadeMeDoIt
  • Do jump on the occasion to fill yourself with frozen yogurt and bubble tea
  • Don't stay on a bad impression. If you don't like a place, move, you'll find other great things, we swear. As Samuel Johnson said "When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life".

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maintenant je reve d'aller a wah nails, merci les filles