mercredi 13 novembre 2013

We Love... Christmas gift ideas ! Foulard Fetish

Hello Stradi Girls and Boys !

Christmas is coming really fast and we ALREADY have to think about the presents that we'll offer to our family and friends. We have the perfect idea for you !

We discovered a swiss brand called FOULARD FETISH and we thought, for once, it would be great to talk about swiss products. Foulard fetish got an e-boutique where you can shop different scarf; made of bamboo fibre ( really smooth and comfortable ), some oriental inspired ones, made of silk. We loved the selection on the website cause there are some more casual/classic scarves and also some trendy/young ones. We are dying for the colors and material. A scarf is the perfect accessory to put on and to enhance an outfit. You can be dressed up all black, but a nice scarf can change it all !

Foulard Fetish offers a large choice but they choose to have a limited stock because they refresh it really often. So if you find the perfect one for you, PICK IT UP NOW ! If you got some questions or demands, you can write them and they will answer you personally.

Scarves from up to down: Monsoon purple, Monsoon blue, Papillon,  Bamboo fashion red, Bamboo fashion grey, West, Maya, Elégance.

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