lundi 25 novembre 2013

We Love...

Let's just start by saying we would LOVE to sleep in this wooden house, sooo cute !

During Fall/Winter, we really love black because it's so comforting and easy to throw on.
We spotted two great items on, first this "Robe noire jersey" which is a little black dress with elbow lenght sleeves and full circle skirt (also comes in bright red) and it's just the perfect piece to mix up, dress up and dress down as you like, just by adding a belt or a brooch. We are also crazy about the boots (can't help but wanting more boots during fall...), they are the "Bottes noires aux  genoux" and they would look so cute with the dress, right ? They are obviously black but with a two-tones texture to them : we are craving this leather detail ! They have zips on the side so they're really easy to wear, and the little patch just adds more on the preppy side ;)

We're so crazy about the look of fox tails, that's such an accessory that reminds us of kawaii asian girls and you can make the most amazing deals on street markets where the quality is often really good.

 When it's cold outside and all you want to do is chill inside, the best thing to do is giving your room a makeover (#movethatbus), you'll find lots and lots of ideas on Tumblr, like this cool brushes holder made out of coffee beans. Craving now.

This streetstyle shot gives you a good idea of how to wear bright colors in winter.
Here, this cool navajo poncho associated with black basics really does a great job ;)

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