lundi 16 décembre 2013

Inspiration #10

How amazing are those cat sweaters from SheInside ?
The Black Long Sleeve has pretty little cats' faces printed all over, the White Long Sleeve is a blue-eyed kitty cat,
the White Polka Dot blouse has two black cats pockets, and we love the sassiness of the Blue Dip Dye's little cat ?
Its electrifying eyes are matching the transe tie-dye !

Those sunglasses !!! I. Die. !!!

We really like these rivet rings from because they're so badass ! They're even called "Bagues punk rivets" and they come in silver, gold and black wich is a really cool color to have on jewelry, right ? We also saw the same style at Primark in London but in bracelets and they were awesome ! The rivet spikes style totally got us ;) What about you ?

 We always really love the special trend editions from Essence ! The Love Letters edition will be available from mid January to February 2014 and we can't freaking wait ! We like the pastel and romantic colors. We will be buying the nailpolishes and chubby sticks as well as the cute diary ! It's always fun when cosmetics brands step out of the box like this :)
 These pink boots from were totally made for us, we think !
They have a Dr. Martens kind of look with lace up, a 4 cm platform and 11 cm heels !
So they're both kinda punky yet very, very girly :) They're the "Bottines plateforme talons" style. We love the fact they're also available in white and black, because of course, we also need some monochromes ;)

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