mardi 3 décembre 2013

Instagram #32

It's been a pretty long time since our last Insta post ! Keeping up with the tradition today :)
You can see more on our Instagrams : @autumnazur and @summybaby
and also our brand new @stradivariusisters account !  

♥ A perfect morning tea with a good book
♥ Cool neon lights in Zurich
♥ Having a visitor ;)
♥ Writing down projects for the new year
♥ Sisterly love
♥ J's and silver bag
♥ Confetti nails
♥ Teeth necklace in gold, a new favorite
♥ Old Hermes typewriter... so inspiring
♥ A bouquet of fresh baby raddishes
♥ UO book corner, you'll find me there !
♥ A beautiful sunset in the middle of the town

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anna a dit…

j'adore le vernis a paillette