lundi 2 décembre 2013

Wall of rock

Dear Stradi Girls and Boys !

We always try to find new places to shoot our outfit, but living in Yverdon you may know that there isn't a lot of cool spot. Luckily, when you looking for harder and harder, you can find places like this one or other disused areas (thank you industries for the bankruptcy).

I bought this amazing, kind of Chubakka, vest at PRIMARK (as usual) but you can find similar HERE.  I tried to mix different materials as faux fur, faux leather, metal and plexiglass. Also to play with the opacity of my skirt and the transparency of my shirt.
 The skirt comes from PRIMARK, the clutch from ZARA and the shoes from LA REDOUTE. I accessorized my outfit with spiked earrings from MANOR, "chunky chain" belt from ZARA and metal ring from BRANDY MELVILLE.

For the make up, I used a REVLON's foundation, SLEEK blushes, SLEEK "molten metal" eyeshadow and BEAUTY UK "peach" lipstick.

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Anonyme a dit…

You're a beauty!

Joyce a dit…

Fabolous !!!!