vendredi 6 décembre 2013

We Love...

We love the Diesel Reboot campaign because Diesel's new artistic director Nicola Formichetti found the most kick-ass
real people on Instagram and Tumblr. How 2.0, right ?
We just think the approach is really genius and it's great to see diversity in ad campaigns.
Okay, so it's pretty clear that we can't stop talking about shoes, but we're girls after all !
These awesome beauties are both from and they cost less than 50 euros. Seriously, what else ? Well, if you must know : the first pair of ankle boots are made out of a suede fabric, they have a small 5 cm heel and golden rings around the ankle. It's the "Bottines à talons bas" and they also come in cobalt blue, yay ! The second pair "Bottines rouges à brides" is  bit more rock and edgy, with the great burgundy color, the golden buckle and the coolest textured croco ! We want them right now ! If you don't fancy dark red shoes, don't worry you can order them in black so they can be your to-go shoes !

Of course, we always love a great cosmic legging :)

Two incredible interior ideas that really inspire us !
We love the beautiful living room that actually feel like someone's living there, the mix of clear white parcels with
the warm object such as the wooden coffee table or the nice colored pillows. The kitchen's chalk wall is also a really
good idea to start a shopping list or just leave a kind message :)
Do you love those interiors as much as we do ?

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