dimanche 28 décembre 2014


Hi everyone ! Today we want to share some inspirations but also some videos we made recently.
The first one is from our little road trip to Dijon, France, a few days before Christmas (gifts shopping was a great excuse, but really, just feeling spendy). As we'll upload more daily life videos, you'll soon discover that two sisters together... well, we just like to speak. A LOT ! So sometimes, we have a 10 minutes sequence with just us talking, so that's the whole reason of the accelerated sequence (and we also like our chipmunk voices)... Then, the second video is just a silly daily vlog of one Staruday spent together doing, well... stuff. Hope you enjoy and subscribe to our channel here : Stradivariusisters (obviously !!!)

From Summy's scrapbooks :)
Another one ;)

vendredi 26 décembre 2014

Best wishes !

Dear Stradi Girls & Boys !

We would like to thank EVERYONE for your support and loyalty during this year ! Writing this blog is something we love and most of all, need. So, knowing that someone somewhere is reading it and can identify themselves to us in a way or another is absolutely amazing. We are grateful !

Here are two holiday looks - almost twins, you already know LOL - playing with sequin, leather, cotton and metal, and EVERYTHING comes from LA HALLE !

Summy is wearing a M by Mosquito black skater dress (sleeveless), an Ici et Maintenant black sequin jacket and LH by La Halle faux leather high boots to show their beautiful long legs. She chose a silver round necklace, big metallic ring and a braided belt. So Madame ! As Summy, prefer a clutch over a big bag for the holiday season. Hers comes from K by Kookai.

Autumn is wearing a K by Kookai asymmetrical dress with rivet at the end. Light metallic sequin are perfect for pale skin as Autumn's, jacket also from Ici et Maintenant. Low platform boots are a must, even for a party  (not only for a day look), and these are K by Kookai ones. Autumn chose to add a funny touch with the inflated clutch from N by NafNaf. Earrings with a little bit of pale colors from La Halle jewels.

In order to upgrade our blog, what kind of post would you like to read ? Make-up tutorial ? More vlog ? More inspirational post ? We are open to anything, we just want to make you happy reading us ☺

Thanks to Rafaella for the pics, check at her work HERE !

mardi 23 décembre 2014

Winter Shades

Winter calls for comfort and practical outfits. Here's one example of a very casual look, perfect for a day outside : I'm wearing my beloved black fluffy coat from Primark (it's like, my favorite coat in the whole wide world), a black top with studded collar from Primark and my burgundy denims from Uniqlo (they make the best pants ever). I'm also wearing my black bag from Persun, fox ring from H&M and my beige combat boots from Primark (they have fake sheep fur inside so they're the best!). I just realized it's a very simple outfit, with many of my favorite items, so I guess that's what winter is like : relying on your clothing allies ;)

lundi 22 décembre 2014

Christmas gift idea: La Halle

Hello Stradi Girls & Boys !

Voici l'heure de notre dernier concours de Noël, nous vous remercions d'avoir participé et de votre fidélité !

Après avoir pu découvrir nos looks LA HALLE depuis quelques mois, quoi de plus logique que de vous permettre de gagner un bon de 100.- !?

Pour participer sur le blog (possible aussi via Facebook et Instagram), il vous faut suivre les étapes suivantes:

1. Laissez nous un commentaire sous cet article en nous expliquant pourquoi vous aimeriez gagner.
2. Inscrivez votre prénom, votre e-mail (pour qu'on puisse vous contacter) et la ville où vous habitez concours uniquement réservé aux résidents suisses.
Le concours se termine dimanche 27 décembre 2014 à 23h59. Le gagnant sera contacté directement.

dimanche 21 décembre 2014

10 fashion advices I learned watching Lizzie McGuire

 When I was much younger, I religiously watched Lizzie McGuire's episodes on the TV. I thought the girl was leaving the dream with her two cool and edgy friends, Miranda and Gordo, just looking fabulous... I Thought school should be like this : recess time gossiping about boys :) I thought they were really stylish so I decided to keep a journal writing, drawing and commenting about Lizzie's looks... And I did some research because I re-watched all the episodes (which was hard for a young girl like me) and just wrote about what I was seeing. So today, I thought I would share with you the top 10 fashion advices I learned watching Lizzie McGuire :) <3

#1 : printed tshirt ARE a thing, tartan IS a thing, a quirky male best friend IS a thing.
 #2 : totally DIY-ing a tshirt like this. Ideas "Delicious", "Love", "Beautiful".
Also going to DIY a binder with cool stickers.
 #3 : dressing up a bit rock girl once in a while never hurt anyone, especially not your dignity.
To wear with sassy attitude.
 #4 : experimenting is fun, it's arty and people will notice you.
(but mainly they'll notice you're crazy, not that you're #fash)
 #5 : I remember writing in my journal : "Go to Claire's and find a big stone blue necklace".
I planned to co-ordinate it with a blue blouse, true Lizzie style.
#6 : bandanas ARE a thing. Wear them more. And bedazzle them.
 #7 : cool hairstyle, needs a drawing.
Find a waffle styling tool and just explore my skills.
 #8 : with this, I thought "Yes, I should totally do this and dress outside of my
comfort zone, like an adult, why not ? They're stylish and classy".
Just like Lizzie today.
 #9 : when Lizzie sported a boa scarf in an episode, I was like
"Okay, check, I actually have a boa scarf, let's do this !"
#10 : and of course, I also made notes on her hairstyles and accessorizing, like wanting to create
a big golden scrunchie so I can have the same look... Oh my god, yes Lizzie, you're right !
That can't be good ;)

jeudi 18 décembre 2014

How to put redness in your pink outfit

Hello Stradi Girls and Boys !

Here is an outfit that I shot in London during our stay. I wasn't really into mixing pink and red but it turned out that I kinda liked it! Always try before saying NO !

My mother, sister and I had a HUGE crush on that fluffy coat that we bought in almost two colors, each of us. Yes, you read right. We have the exact same coat, in different colors, and we even put them at the same time! You can find this coat at Primark, so as the soft pink top, shoes and necklace. Leggings come from Uniqlo. The leather bag is from La Halle.

But most of all, the master piece in this look, is the sunglasses. They are so huge and red but I definitely love them. They're adding a little bit of craziness in this lovely/romantic look. You can shop them on LES MIRETTES. This is a great online shop, where you can find jewels, glasses and tights. They deliver in the entire world and have some rad pieces !!