mardi 7 janvier 2014

Chilly Sunday

Hello Stradi Girls and Boys !

For the New Year, we decided to open up our intimacy to you. By intimacy, I mean our daily life and interiors. I designed my room with a monochrome theme at the beginning but then, I needed a little bit of color touch. I'm in love with that blue-green and I thought orange would look nice with it. My father gave me one of his paintings, geometrical inspired, that I put up in my bed (my family has a problem with making holes in the wall to hang something, so I just dropped it).  My mother gave me this Nelson Mandela's biography for Christmas. There are a lot of pictures that show Madiba and South African people (for those who didn't know, Madiba is my hero). I love wearing chilly clothes to lay on bed, of course I usually don't keep my shoes to go to bed - it was only for the photos, I swear.

Summy and I are super excited because we're preparing a HUGE surprise for you ! We'll tell you more about it in a few :)

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