dimanche 12 janvier 2014

Downtown Cool

Hello guys ! Today I'm sharing an outfit we shot recently in our neighborhood. So many of these wooden palletts were lined up and shaking under the wind ! It's a great look in my opinion because it's kind of effortless and relaxed, yet still very strong, which I really love.

I'm wearing Autumn's latest coat : it comes from Tally Weijl and it was on a massive sale ! It's two-toned : gray tweed and leather sleeves and details. We both really love it because of its downtown cool vibe. Black beanie, light gray loose sweater, black tank top are from Primark, as well as these cool black ankle boots in suede and embellished on the back with silver spikes. You may have noticed my awesome little black bag with two vertical zips. It comes from Persun and I'm so amazed by the quality of it, really, really cool ! The washed out blue jeans are from C&A !

PS : I upgraded the look of the casual bag with a gray fox tail from Portobello Market ;)

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Kate a dit…

J'adore le petit sac