mercredi 22 janvier 2014

La Redoute showroom S/S 14

Dear Stradi Girls and Boys !

Yesterday we went to MyPlayground, in Villa Marie-Antoinette (Lausanne), that displayed the La Redoute showroom. We had the chance to take a look at the S/S14 and we want to share it with you ! 

Last year, La Redoute launched the brand MADEMOISELLE R for the young women that love vintage and glam spirit. For the COSY CANDEUR trend, La Redoute offers you some of Mademoiselle R clothes, Laura Clément is also a part of it and of course - our beloved - SOFTGREY line. Cosy Candeur got that romantic touch with soft and sweet colors (we spotted a "vert d'eau" leather perfecto that we ABSOLUTELY want !), a lot of lace and english embroidery. The colors are purified - with beige, soft blue jeans - but Soft Grey put a little bit of acid yellow in it and we gotta admit, it's PERFECT ! We noticed sequin and silver too. Clothes are mostly made of silk and cotton.

The second trend is called URBAN TROPIQUE, inspired by vegetation, ethnic/geometric pattern. Green, warm yellow and blue are the main colors but for once, black is a part of the trend even if it's a s/s line, we love the fact that dark colors are not ONLY okay to wear in winter. If you'll go to Brazil (of course not to look at the football game but mostly to runway your amazing figure by the beach), you definitely need to buy some pieces of this collection !

La Redoute offers you a selection of 4 talented designers. We had a crush for GAT RIMON and PAUL AND JOE SISTER but, of course, we couldn't take our eyes off of CEDRIC CHARLIER and DELPHINE MANIVET collections.

We wanted to thank a LOT MyPlayground's crew and La Redoute for welcoming us during this showroom. It was great ! We loved the "petits fours", catered by Le Fraisier. We hope that it will inspire you for this coming season and don't forget to take a look at La Redoute website !

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Morgane-Amandine a dit…

Cette nouvelle collection à l'air incroyable... :)

Code Promo La redoute a dit…

J'aime beaucoup ce blog, on y trouve toujours quelque chose d'intéressant. continuez dans ce niveau