jeudi 30 janvier 2014

Paris: Brassaï & Azzedine Alaïa

Hello Stradi Girls and Boys !

Last week-end, Summy, our mother and I went to Paris to have quality time together. We slept at the Hotel Elysee, near by Gare de Lyon station. The hotel was great, beds too, and the crew was really gentle. There is no mini-bar in the room but you can ask at the reception for a drink and it's free (wifi too eheh) ! Next to our hotel was this incredible little street called Rue Crémieux. It is so not a common street for Paris that we fell in love instantly. It looks like a swedish one. At evenings, we ordered mojitos at Le Tarmac bar, where the barman was really kind. They offer brunch on Sunday's morning that seem great.

The first day, we woke up (like this ahah) and took the underground to Hotel de Ville and stopped by a Starbucks to have breakfast. I bought a recycled cup and every time I'll order a Starbucks with it, they will reduce my bill. Then, we went to Hotel de Ville (the building) where we had to visit the Brassaï exhibition. Brassaï is an austro-hungarian photographer who came in Paris at age 3. His father was a teacher at La Sorbonne. Brassaï'real name is Gyula Halasz. The exhibition is called "Pour l'amour de Paris", where he shows the places-people-ambiance he likes, through black and white silver photographies. He loved to show the natural light of the night to sublimate things that we may not saw before.

The evening, we ate at Momoka's restaurant next to Pigalle. It's a japanese restaurant, but not the one where you can eat sushi, maki and Co. It's a unusual and small restaurant that serves tasteful dishes (about 9 for 39euro). Mostly vegetables and fish, but at the end some chicken too. The atmosphere was strange, because it was a VERY little place, with not enough space to feel comfortable and there wasn't a lot of explanation about what we'll eat. But the food was really good. Every dish has to be shared, it's more friendly.

The second day, we decided to go at Musée Galliera to see Alaïa's exhibition. We were amazed by the grace and greatness Alaïa made those dresses, jackets and everything. We think he's the best designer ever and we dream of wearing one of his clothes. He didn't even make a design school - only sculpture studies - and developed himself his skills. We weren't allowed to take pictures so we looked up on the internet (photo credit are not ours). After seeing all this magic, we had to stop by the place where Alaïa creates his pieces and went to Rue de Marignon next to Avenue Montaigne. Of course, it was closed (it was Sunday) but it wasn't a big deal for us (our imagination was there to work things up. Alaïa's exhibition is in two part, so we had to go to Musée d'Art Moderne, just in front of Musée Galliera, where we drank something to rest a little bit.

images above are taken on the internet

Chanel shoes

Haussman building

MiuMiu blue bag

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