mercredi 15 janvier 2014

The Genius Files

As a child, you first discover the world with your eyes. Your world is created by everything we see. I've always been obsessed with pictures. Of course, as a big reader, I'm in love with words, but with pictures, you can get it instantly. Also, I am a magazine addict and started to pile them up in my room since it began to be too much, so I decided to make some collages. I have dozens of notebooks full of style clippings and moodboards.

A few years ago, I discovered that designer Anna Sui also keeps inspiration collages that she named The Genius Files. Obviously, I'm crazy about the name :) If you like magazines and pictures, I could only recommend to try it. You'll learn a lot about patience, and also looking at these pictures constantly will only help you learn about what you see. It's like repeating a vocabulary, except it's way more fun ! I love to create designers pages because you begin to understand more about their approach and their global message. I also like to do style (the crafty version of Polyvore, right?) and design/decor stuff, but what I really, really love to put together inspiration mix that will remind me of a certain feeling or a certain moment of life. You'll find interesting pictures in art magazines, like a Basquiat drawing and you'll maybe find it hard not to glue right away, but wait to find the perfect pictures to piece together to make your collage really fresh.

I would LOVE to see Sui's Genius Files and yours ! That's the kind of art I'm most fond of on Tumblr, there are a lot of Dada inspired pieces but with a modern twist that makes it all really amazing. Feel free to submit a link where to find your collages, we will definitely take a look !

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