dimanche 26 janvier 2014

The Hamburger Foundation

Hello Stradi Girls and Boys !

Yesterday, I went for a trip in Geneva with my friend Melissa. She proposed a few places to go eating and I chose The Hamburger Foundation (Rue Philippe Plantamour 37, les Pâquis). You definitely have to go there to taste their amazing burgers (and fries, I love how they crisp in your mouth) !! The place is really cute and quite big, and the crew is lovely. When you sit at your table, they give you a glass of water like in the US. I've always told that swiss restaurants had to do that, as a customer you immediately feel welcomed. The menu is simple and that's good because I hate to think TOO MUCH about what I would love to eat. The meat is cooked perfectly, so tasteful, vegetables are fresh and bread is soft.

The Hamburger Foundation is also a food truck, who's running through Geneva, at different places every day except on Mondays. Just go on their website to discover where they will be each day of the week.

And then, we took the Mouette, which is a little boat to cross the lake between Les Pâquis side to Molard (or Pâquis-Eaux Vives, Pâquis-Genève Plage/Port Noir and Genève Plage/Port Noir-De Chateaubriand) and costs Frs. 2.-. We made a little bit of window shopping and decided to visit the Cathédrale Saint-Pierre, that even I visited a LOT Geneva, I never went there.

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