mercredi 12 février 2014

Hey it's OK...

... if you spend five minutes wandering around in the dark selecting exactly the right seats in the cinema
... if quirky, ironic Christmas jumpers look neither quirky nor ironic on you
... to dread doing karaoke, then get so into it you'd rather give up your Mulberry handbag/boyfriend/first-born child than let go of the microphone
... if you're more excited about setting the out of office on your email than any actual gift you'll receive at Christmas
... if you can remember the names of your primary-school dinner ladies but not the person you met a minute ago , the mind works in mysterious ways
... to still have birthday cards up six weeks after the day - look it's a big event, ok ?
... if the quest for the perfect winter coat has resulted in three new coats (and still not the perfect one)
... if it's Netflix - not crazy wild nights out - that's ruining your sleep pattern, just one more episode !
... if you still don't understand council tax, are the streets paved with gold ?
... to still compare every incident in your life to a scene from Sex & The City
... if your handwriting is worse now than it ever was at school ; we blame technology
... if, honestly, you're not planning a dry January. Cheers !

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