mardi 1 avril 2014

Classy Jungle

Hello Stradi Girls and Boys !

If you ever come by Yverdon-les-Bains, you HAVE to take a look and walk by the Grande Cariçaie. There is a little platform where you can observe Mother Nature. I really love this place, it's so resourceful, you can think about how life is beautiful and take a deep breath. When the weather will be hotter, you would be able to swim in the lake and lay down on the sand. I think it's amazing that we have all that different landscapes in Switzerland. If you look on your right, you can see mountains and if you look on your left there is a lake where you can take the boat or dip in.

As this place reminds me kind of a classy jungle, I chose to mix a little bit my outfit. That's why I'm wearing a dress (from H&M) with a camo jacket (from ROKIT London). I found those boots in Paris, in a little shop in front of Azzedine Alaia's workshop. Earrings are coming from RIVER ISLAND and the belt from H&M.

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Juliette a dit…

T'as ceinture est magnifique j'adore