mercredi 5 mars 2014

Urban hippie

Hello Stradi Girls and Boys !

I'm back from my vacay in New York. It was so cold out there that I got sick :( 
In the few next days, I'll post about my trip, so stay tuned :)

Here is a look that I shot a few weeks ago, before leaving. If you come by Yverdon-les-Bains, you HAVE to take a walk by the Grande Cariçaie, near the lake. It's so cute and all natural there.
I mixed up few inspirations for this outfit as the aztec print and the quilted faux-leather jacket. I felt like a modern and urban hippie AHAH ! The jacket comes from C&A, top and jeans are from H&M so as the jewelry and the boots are from PRIMARK.

Hope you guys still enjoying our blog. Maybe you could tell us what you like more about it or what you totally HATE ! We made this blog for you to read, thus it's really important for us to know your opinion :)

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Deltreylicious a dit…

J'adore ta veste, tu es trop belle!