mercredi 2 avril 2014

Hey it's ok...

... if you'd rather have the cocktail than actual sex on the beach. All that sand... everywhere !
... if being brought a bagel in bed seems like pretty much the most romantic thing ever.
... to be totally over all the sequels. Are they no ideas left in the world ?
... to spend most of the six-hour flight debating wheternto ask your neighbor if you can get out to pee.
... to make up your own Oscars acceptance speech. You know, just in case.
... to think about the burrito you're going to down for dinner, all through your yoga class.
... not to have The Most Amazing Time Ever on vacation.
... to be sort of pissed when a friend gives her child the name you had been saving for yours.
... to give everyone in first class the evil eye as you pass by.
... to take offense at whatever follows "hey, no offense..."
... to say it's homemade. You opened the box, you mixed, you cared.
... to take your own car the first time you go to meet his parents. You know, just in case.

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c'est kate moss la citation !