lundi 7 avril 2014

La Halle

Let´s put things straight : The Stradivariusisters Love La Halle !!!
We were lucky to be invited to the launch party of La Halle at Riponne in Lausanne.
Endless shoe choices, nice people and amazing staff !
Of course, as expected, we went crazy and even beyond... We bought 8 different shoes in an hour, definitely enjoying the great quality of each pair, the rad styles and the affordable prices.

Ok, so what´s new now ? Well, let´s be honest, everything ! 
The shop looks like a billion bucks, the new collection kicks ass (seriously, we were like "holy shit i want everything!!") and they even added some special brand collection by Kookai, Naf Naf, André and many more. Their pieces sold at La Halle are exclusive and often made with real leather and suede.

As working girls and obsessed with fashion, we are always looking for affordable pieces and it´s awesome when you also get real quality goods. We would totally recommend going to La Halle for an amazing purse-friendly shopping spree ! Stay tuned for our looks featuring our new amaaaaaazing shoes !!!

PS : This is our rule about shoes : buy them ;)

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Katy a dit…

je suis fan des sandales rose et brune