lundi 26 mai 2014

Creamy walls.

Hello Stradi Girls and Boys !

As you know, we've been to Paris for a few days last week. Of course, we enjoyed parisian streets to shoot a look. We had so much fun in the Elysee Hotel (literally 5 minutes by foot from the train station and the staff is so nice). We've talked about it in an other post, so maybe you'll know about it, MAKE SOME NOISE FOR... wait for it... RUE CREMIEUX !!! We absolutely love this cute little street, full of colors and little bushes. No car can go there. Almost can breath pure fresh air (luxury in Paris AHAH).

I chose a dark outfit to contrast with the colors. Shirt, leggings and necklace come from H&M, jacket comes from PRIMARK, shoes from NIKE, bracelet that I made on my own and glasses from PERSUN.

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