dimanche 4 mai 2014

Spring Treats

Finally, here's a review of the Clarisonic brush, which is totally awesome. It has a really cool design, a pocket size and travel case so you can easily take it everywhere you go. There are a lot of different brushes 8sensitive skin, deep pores cleansing, etc) and you can use it with any kind of products you want (make up remover, face scrub, face gels and so on) so YES, it's a splurge but I think it's really worth it (plus a 3-years guarantee). They say you can use it twice a day but I would recommand to use it only once a day (yes, your face needs scrub massage, but really, don't overdo it!) The benefits : a deep face treatment that leaves your face fresh, clean and oh, so smooth ;) Really, it's not just a hype product, it really works ! Also, if your skin is prone to spots or blackheads, you need to stop harming it with your little hand (I mean, destroying the spots until they bleed!!). The brush massage will help the spots disappear naturally ! This product really is amazing and we bet you'll enjoy the at-home spa effect ;) We use it either with a Neutrogena make-up remover, a Garnier Pure Active scrub or the Clinique 3-steps skin care (liquid soap, clarifying lotion and the Dramatically Different Mosturizing Cream)
Cute popcorn bags, anyone ? :)
 Some spring favourites : the Color Fever Gloss from Lancôme, Cookies & Cream shimmer pearls from
Essence and the Escada Born In Paradise perfume.
 Ice-tea and Cookies & Cream nude polish from Essence

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Maria a dit…

je l'ai aussi le clarisonic c super comme objet beauté je l'utilise tout les jours !