lundi 30 juin 2014

Red Boyish

Hello Stradi Girls & Boys !

Here is my second outfit in collaboration with LA HALLE. I chose a kinda-boyish look, with red wedges and lipstick to remind my girly side. 

The CREEKS pants are so comfy and soft. La Halle offers a large choice of basics pieces as my white shirt, for really low prices. Everytime I try to pick a nice jeans shirt, it's so difficult because women's shirt are to graven for the type of look I want. So I decided to look at men's shirt and guess what ?! I found a CHEVIGNON one. The blue is perfect to match with everything. Red faux-suede shoes are from LA HALLE collection. They are amazingly comfortable and light ! So as the fringe bag, it makes any of your outfit so crazy and special with it ! If you're looking for cute accessorize, you definitely gotta have a look at La Halle's one, as my pretty white-bling necklace.

Go check at La Halle's website to spot a store near you and go shop !

so happy it was raining on this heavy hot day !

dimanche 29 juin 2014

Ace Of Base

 Once again, here's an outfit completed with all basic items. They work altogether but they are also very versatile and would totally compliment lots of other pieces. That's just why I love them so much. The washed denim jacket is from M by Mosquito, with a really cool black dress underneath. The shape is amazing as well as the price. It comes from the LH by La Halle collection which focuses every season on timeless but trendy pieces that we all need in our dressing ! The dress also comes in different colors and patterned fabrics.

The accessories are also casual and laid-back. Yes, even the leopard bag from K by Kookai, because you know what ; leopard print is as much a staple color as black, white and shades of nude. Let's talk about this bag, shall we ? The quality is super impressive, its shape looks so freaking cute but it can hold so much ! It's really the perfect bag to dress up an outfit. The triangle earrings are also by La Halle and I think they're dope, plus they're really lightweight - which is cool because I can't handle massive earrings.

Finally, these little black boots from K by Kookai : I just totally have a crush on them because a) they look bad ass, b) they're made of leather, c) but a soft and thin kind of leather so they're breathable... just perfect when you still want to wear boots on warmer days. Oh and good news : they're now on sale ! Such a great deal. They also come in white and are really pretty. What's your favourite basic piece to wear ?

dimanche 22 juin 2014

Inspiration #13

 We love, love, love these fun sneakers from C by Creeks at La Halle

A scrapbook inspiration for this summer : hats, chevron prints and turquoise accessories.

Home decor obessions

vendredi 20 juin 2014

A by Autumn - special outfit from La Halle

Dear Stradi Girls and Boys !

Hope everyone is enjoying this summer's beginning ! Today I present you my first look in collaboration with LA HALLE. I'm so glad they trust in us and we absolutely love their designs. LA HALLE is the place to shop if you do not want to spend too much for your wardrobe. What is great at LA HALLE is that you can find different styles, if you're skinny-curvy, a baby-a teenager or even a business woman, you will ALWAYS find something great to put on. LA HALLE offers a large choice of brands like "K by Kookai", "N by Naf Naf" or their own designs.

About accessories, I'm wearing sunglasses with gold on the sides (the shape is so classy I think), yellow neon necklace, turquoise pyramid ring, burgundy hat and that OH-SO-AMAZEBALLS black-grey-metallic bag from K BY KOOKAI. Shoes are some A BY ANDRE (if you want to have kind of Rihanna-feet style, go for them!YAY!).

About clothes, I chose this amazing and cheap black dress that will embellish your body (even if you're curvy, you got to dare!!) and mesh black jacket, all from M BY MOSQUITOS.

I would like to say something that's really important to me. No matter how is your body, you ALL look fabulous. Don't be afraid to feel good for yourself, don't let other people try to run your life and way to act just because maybe you're curvy or too skinny. We all deserve to be happy and respected by others. I would like to thank Nadia Aboulhosn for being a role model to me (she might be the most beautiful woman I know and obviously the Queen of the eyebrow game!. You absolutely have to check out her Instagram account and blog, she's such a G and a Lady at the same time). And of course thanks to all the other women that I truly love !

samedi 14 juin 2014

Pins & Love

 You certainly remember our post about the new opening of La Halle's shop at Riponne, well now we've discovered the clothes collections and looked at an impressive number of clothing racks. Let me tell you it was paradise :) You remember when I wrote that I always get the most sentimental items ? Well, this overall is one of them. Seriously, look at the prints ; all these little pins pinning something. I tend to fall in love with awkward, quirky prints. I love this piece because it's covering but made of a very lightweight fabric and I really like the uniform feeling I get wearing it ;) It comes from N by Naf Naf, as well as this awesome black handbag with two big pockets and the red bomber jacket. If you look closely you'll see that it's quilted in shape of lips (seriously ?!? did I went too far ?)

Then, I hope you noticed the most beautiful and timeless pair of shoes of my life ! They're a limited edition from A by André and made of black leather and feels so great with the large heel. I bet this will never go out of style. I'm also wearing three silver bracelets which are really cool and edgy along with a cool ring that has a tribal feel to it. I totally suggest to check out La Halle's accessories because they're so right on trend and extremely affordable !