jeudi 12 juin 2014

Paris trip: Exhibitions + Outfit

Dear Stradi Girls and Boys !

Two week-ends ago, I went to Paris to spend some quality time with my BF and we visited a few exhibitions.

We went to look at the LAST SHOOTING about Kurt Cobain, photographed by Youri Lenguette. Galerie Addict exposed the last photos before Cobain passed away. It was very interesting to see how troubled he was, through the photos. It show him and his band, making funny faces, holding a gun.

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Then, we went to Galerie Perrotin to visit the GIRL exhibition, inspired by Pharrell Williams, that shows a bunch of artists' work. It was so inspiring to see all that art about women, all the ideas about how girls are strong and essence of life. I loved the fact that there were different styles and influences.

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I wanted so much to go to Le Grand Palais to admire the architecture and where all the big fashion shows take place. We were so lucky to have the possibility to visit the ROBERT MAPPLETHORPE's exhibition. It's all about the beauty of bodies, geometry, parallel between flowers and men's anatomy (and a lot more). Robert Mapplethorpe is such a genius, his work is priceless. You will also spot Lisa Lyon - his muse - Patti Smith, Annie Leibovitz, Blondie and so many more. You REALLY have to go there !

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In the middle of the afternoon, we hadn't eaten yet. So we stopped at LA PENDERIE (Etienne Marcel) to have a drink - champagne with hibiscus flower for me and a mojito for the BF - and something to enjoy with our belly. 

I'm wearing black NIKE roshe run, black pants from OLD NAVY, black caraco top from ASOS, kimono from PRIMARK, black perfecto from H&M and a cute little black ciré bag from LA HALLE.

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