samedi 14 juin 2014

Pins & Love

 You certainly remember our post about the new opening of La Halle's shop at Riponne, well now we've discovered the clothes collections and looked at an impressive number of clothing racks. Let me tell you it was paradise :) You remember when I wrote that I always get the most sentimental items ? Well, this overall is one of them. Seriously, look at the prints ; all these little pins pinning something. I tend to fall in love with awkward, quirky prints. I love this piece because it's covering but made of a very lightweight fabric and I really like the uniform feeling I get wearing it ;) It comes from N by Naf Naf, as well as this awesome black handbag with two big pockets and the red bomber jacket. If you look closely you'll see that it's quilted in shape of lips (seriously ?!? did I went too far ?)

Then, I hope you noticed the most beautiful and timeless pair of shoes of my life ! They're a limited edition from A by André and made of black leather and feels so great with the large heel. I bet this will never go out of style. I'm also wearing three silver bracelets which are really cool and edgy along with a cool ring that has a tribal feel to it. I totally suggest to check out La Halle's accessories because they're so right on trend and extremely affordable !

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Marine a dit…

This print is very original ! It's amazing but beautiful from La Halle ! :) Like it !