mardi 1 juillet 2014

Hey it's okay...

... to prefer a regular, down-on-one-knee proposal. No flashmobs or YouTube videos required.
... to feel irrational, all-consuming rage when you see the same advert on TV over and over again.
... if you currently have 17 browser tabs open on your computer. Hey, you're a multitasking genius.
... if your signature scent is actually your fabric softener.
... to still insist on sending postcards (even though you're posting hourly holiday updates on Facebook !)
... if the first question you ask at someone's house is "What's the wi-fi password ?"
... if your new sandals require three strategically placed plasters to be wearable
... that despite Tinder, the only company you really want tonight is your own
... if what you've just removed from the shower plug hole resembles something from a horor film
...if aeroplane toilets scare you a little
... to refuse to enter a restaurant because of the sheer number of grammatical errors on the menu outside

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