mercredi 9 juillet 2014

London Diary


Early in June, I went to London for three days. Alone. I was asked if I was scared and I (kind of) wasn't. Alone or not, I want to discover the world. Create new routines. Have my favorite places around the globe. I just want to be happy and travel does that for you. I've been to London a few times so I'm beginning to have my go-to spots and really felt at home. It's a really, really good feeling. London, let me tell you you never disappoint. I had so much fun and definitely decided my fav' frozen yogurt is by Pink Spoon. I've read tons of magazines because the UK women press really is on another level. Felt so, sooo inspired. If you're a creative mind in search of a refresh button, I would advice London because there really is no place like it ! The city and people are so eclectic it's pretty hard not to get the feeling you actually fit in. Bought myself some new shoes, of course and decided to think about shoes this way : Cool shoes bring you to cool places. And I did some shopping with this perfectly dope motto : I like my money where I can see it ; hanging in my closet.  On point, right ?
Also, the people in the UK are just so cool ! They're freaking nice and always look edgy. You feel like you wanna know them. They seem amazingly interesting. Strolled around Hyde Park and watched the people do their business. This felt just like home, as well. Taking the time just to watch people go by. I never really take time during my holidays because I want to make the most of it (except on the beach, right ?). People asked me directions and bus drivers told me Good night, love ; so it was pretty rad (noticed how English people are so familiar, yet so polite). I can't wait to return.

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