mercredi 13 août 2014

Hero Piece - Neon Platform Sneakers

 Hi everyone, today we're sharing a new kind of post, a hero piece one !
You know those pieces you fall in love with, the ones that create your look, your niche.
The pieces that make you, you.
This new category is a tribute to our cherished pieces, our wardrobe heroes ;-)

We'r starting big with this category today because you can't walk into a room and not notice these shoes.
Made of quilted parachute fabric with a platform heel, this pair mostly screams
(yes, with the hashtag and capital letters, yes!)... Put them on and join the cool chicks gang.
They come from Asos (similar here) and were totally affordable. They go with everything, from colors
contrasting to black and whites... and if you're just in one of those moods
where everthing totally blows, I repeat, just put them on and join the cool chicks gang.

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The chic and cheap a dit…

they shade of pink is really so crazy!