dimanche 10 août 2014

Hey it's ok...

... if you still want proper, printed-out photographs to put in actual frames. Step aside, Instagram !
... to duck for cover when friends pop open a bottle of bubbly. It's not that you don't trust them...
... to admit, straight-up, exactly what you want from love : no game-playing, no fear, just honesty
... to be really excited about digging out last year's summer clothes... then see them and
wonder what on earth you actually wore
... to start your night out at 5pm and end it by 8pm. That's what Happy Hours are for
... to prefer trusty ready salted crisps to "artisan" one...
... if you only use hand cream when it's by the sink in nice restaurants
... to feel weird sleeping naked. The stress of the fire alarm going off is too much
... if, four hours of over-analysis later, you're still having that quick catch-up with a girlfriend
... if your fridge is just that place where you store condiments
... if your Twitter feed is basically one long customer service moan
... if you can elbow your way to the front of a gig as well as any teenage super-fan

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