samedi 16 août 2014

Hobo for the summer

Hello Stradi Girls and Boys !

It's been a while huh?! Sorry for not being such as present as before, we had a LOT those past few months. I moved in a new flat, went to holidays in Biarritz (will do a post about it to make you dream a bit more).

Here is my last look from LA HALLE. Perfect for summer and autumn too. I absolutely love this yellow color and the jacket's texture is so soft and comfy. You can shop it at the 27 QUAI DE SEINE corner in LA HALLE. The skirt comes from the maternity line, the aztec pattern is perfect to combine with something more modern, not to look like a total hobo LOL ! Basic white tank top is THE piece to match with everything. I fell in love with this "cuir de vachette" besace bag by A BY ANDRE. There are a lot of pockets so you can put everything you need in without carrying a grocery bag either. I chose to mix a plastron gems necklace with a larger and thiner one in silver. The shoes are ABSOLUTELY amazing, I could run a marathon with them. Aviator sunglasses are also from LA HALLE, you must need to buy them, they are so cool and give you the final touch !

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Madame Maurice a dit…

Chouette tenue ! :)

Madame Maurice