lundi 15 septembre 2014

Navy Days

First, guys : sorry for the delay of our posts, but summer and life got in the way. But no more excuses, we're back with lots of stuff coming up !

Today I have a cool outfit to share with you and every item comes from La Halle. I completely fell in love with this cool jacket from the 27 Quai De Seine collection, it has a zip in the front and awesome doodle-ly drawings. It's just one of a kind. Had to wear casual stuff because the jacket speaks for itself. The grey tshirt and black leggings are from LH by La Halle, as well as the triangle necklace. The cute little navy clutch is from 27 Quai De Seine and it's my first clutch ! So classy, I love its box shape :)

The black boots are from A by André and they just look stunning ! I love the buckle on the ankles and they are really comfortable yet dressed-up. It's the perfect pair of shoes for a shopping spree :)

2 commentaires:

Estelle Martinez a dit…

Très chouette veste, originale, j'aime !


deltreylicious a dit…

Très joli look!
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