mardi 21 octobre 2014

1K contest: Stradivariusisters X Icewatch

Hey Stradi Girls and Boys !

We've reached over 1'000 followers on Facebook and we wanna say a HUGE thank you for your support. Each of you are amazing !!

In this occasion, MyPlayground and the Stradivariusisters want to give you the opportunity to win two of those denim ICEWATCH which is a swiss brand. Two watches mean two winners ! YAY !! This contest is open worldwide because you're coming from everywhere ! This is really crazy ! Some of you are coming from South Korea, Philippines, Argentina, Colombia, United States and even Moldavia !!

It's really easy to participate to win one of those denim ICEWATCH. You need to use one of the social network: Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram and ...

Step 1: Regram the pic above on F/T/I
Step 2: Tag us and tag this hashtag #stradixicewatch
Step 3: Like our page F/T/I (if you already did it, you're a SUPA DUPA one!)

If you don't have any of those social network, just leave a comment under this post.

We will chose 2 winners on Monday the 27th of October 2014 at


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J'aimerais participer :)