mercredi 22 octobre 2014

Autumn Leaves

Every year, it's the same old thing : I wait and wait for summer and it goes by in a flash, giving me the feeling I didn't enjoy it to the fullest. Then comes fall, with all these pretty colors, grass covered with leaves. The day goes by quicker but very often we have the chance to enjoy the indian summer for a bit longer, so it's always nice !

When the days are getting a bit windy, I like to dress up and snuggle myself into a cosy jacket or sweater. This black and white knitted number is from K by Kookai (available at La Halle) worn with a casual dark grey skater dress from LH by La Halle. I love how the jacket can totally be thrown on to go get groceries and added to a girly dress to tone it down a notch. Look at this necklace, oh gosh, I guess it's a love/hate situation so don't hesitate to share your opinion ;) I, personaly, like it a lot as it totally dresses up a simple outfit. It comes from the accessory range at La Halle as well as the mustard envelope clutch which is, the most awesome bag I ever owned. It's simple but chic, funny and quirky, with lots of space and a nice touch to it... and it just gives lots of personality to a look ! Love, love, love it :) Oh and let me tell you about the shoes, because I just had a huge crush ! I love their lenght and suede material and also the ankle details with these little silver rings on the buckles. They're so comfortable I should just go and stock up on another pair ;-)

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deltreylicious a dit…

Très joli look!
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