vendredi 10 octobre 2014

City guide: Café Plumber in Deauville

Hello Stradi girls and boys !

Recently I've been on a trip with my boyfriend to Deauville. It was such a dream for me to visit this city. I can't but help, Deauville really makes me feel vibrant. The view, the water, that peaceful ambiance and those cute houses. It's a bit expensive - comparing to the rest of France - but it worth it.

At night, we went to a restaurant near by the beach, called Le Brummel. It was DE-LI-CI-OUS ! Prices really okay.

But I fell in love with a cute little coffee shop called CAFE PLUMBER - Rue Désiré Le Hoc 11 - where we stopped by for lunch. We had tea, bubble one for me and Kusmi tea for my man. The bubbles were stuffed of a mango syrup and you can chose the exact taste of your tea. We ate bagels and waffles.

You must go there even if you're not hungry, but just to sip a coffee in this cute place :)

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