mardi 14 octobre 2014

Hey it's ok...

... to have a favorite mug that you have to have your tea in
... to think that pavements should have fast and slow lanes
... to panic when someone goes on your phone (even if there's absolutely nothing incriminating on it)
... to factor an hour of duty-free shopping into every pre-flight arrival time
... to be outraged if your partner goes a few episodes ahead on the box-set you were watching together
... to turn down plans so you can be tucked up in bed at 10pm
... to stop apologising for things that aren't your fault, they bumped into you
... if you still manage to trip over in flats
... if that quick drink turns into a 2am confessional with your bestie
... if you've never, ever voted on a reality TV show and don't plan to
... if you're still saving that super-expensive scented candle for best, you'll light it one day... maybe

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