dimanche 5 octobre 2014

Stradivariusisters @ Edelweiss Style Lab 2014 - Outfit 1

 A few weeks ago, we had the chance to be part of Edelweiss 2014 Style Lab, featuring some of the best stuff you'll find at the Showroom Edelweiss in Geneva (click here for more info). And, well, let us tell you we just can't wait to discover more Swiss designers and creative minds. Also always in good company with the Edelweiss team !

In these moments of pure bliss, when people trust you and lend you some amazing clothes, believe us, we appreciate it. And when the clothes are the most one-of-a-kind/design-genius garnments, that's even more incredible. We couldn't resist this gorgeous neon skirt by Huber Egloff, which we could never wear in our daily life... but really, it's the most funky "wow" skirt and defintely leaves a mark. We loved the casual material used, some kind of perforated Neoprene as light as a feather ; and the asymetric cut. This piece is so clean yet so pop and cheerful (lots of other bloggers wore this skirt because it's beautiful, obvs.) The blue necklace Summy's wearing is by Royal Blush.

Autumn wears a scarf by Gentle Earth, used as a turban and a gem necklace by Baies d'Erelle. The whole collection is simply amazing and we bet you'll all gonna crush on the beautiful jewelry. The long vest by Claudia Zuber is the perfect Fall piece, easy to mix with everything in your wardrobe and injecting some funky print and pattern into casual looks.

To see these beautiful pieces live, don't forget to visit the 2014 Showroom Edelweiss at the Hôtel Tiffany in Geneva from October 10th to October 12th. To read our interview about fashion on the Edelweiss website, click here !
All pictures by Kid Mery

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