samedi 25 octobre 2014

Topic : The bag is an extension of women's arm

Drawing : Learn Something Every Day
Boys don't understand why women need to have a bag... or two, maybe three...
They don't even notice that they keep asking us to put their things in our bag !
Women and their bag, yeah, it really sounds like Mary Poppins syndrom to me and we're more than happy to agree : the bigger the bag the more we can stuff into, everything ! Make-up case, tissues, purse, keyes, medecine, cell phone, iPad, workout outfit, magazines... And we can go and on... Because everything always seems essential to women. But sometimes, once in a while, when we find ourselves with a bag full of random useless stuff, we know it's time to declutter. Maybe just a tiny bit ? And how weird does it feel when we go outside without a bag ? We feel like, incomplete. Does a bag define a woman ? Or is it just some random accessory ? Because when you think about it, it's more than that, more than a fashion statement, it's the trust we put into a simple object, a bag, we bring it everywhere we go, we use it to safely stock our most practical gadgets and stuff. So we think it's great to cherish bags and collect them (because you know, us girls like to replace last-season stuff, right ?)

What are your thoughts about bags ? How do you feel without a bag ? How does your bag look and what's inside ?

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