mardi 7 octobre 2014

Topics - A relationship with fashion

Today, we want to adress a new topic. Our relationship with fashion. And we're interested to know more about yours. Because you can't deny it, even if you don't give a damn about fashion or find it a bit too shallow, you have a relationship with fashion. There are all kind of relationships and that's what we want to talk about.

0 - 10 years old - We realized one of our favorite "fashion decade" for us was our childhood. We dressed up funny, carelessly, without much tought, just for the love we had for a garnment. We remember playing characters and dressing up accordingly, we remember wanting to be twins and dress the same, and we remember loving the exact opposite, still, without much tought but with all our innocent guts. Children dress up to do things, to get dirty, to have fun and we agree that's the sole purpose of clothes.

10 - 15 years old - Being a young teenager is not easy. Your body go through some major changes that you sometimes wish for (big boobs) and sometimes despise (getting your period). It's scary being a teenager. You realize you're not a kid anymore and usually feel kind of out of place... Not knowing where to stand, who to be. And you realize little by little what you like, and also realize it's not the same as what other people like and sometimes it doesn't feel good because your teens is the moment in life when you usually want to fit in - desperately. It doesn't feel good to feel weird when you're not sure who you are. So you tend to "love" and wear what people do. 

15 - 20 years old - You're almost a grown-up, or a young adult as they like to say. You understand better what trends are and how deep they are hidden in our day-to-day life. We don't even know why we want Coke, but we want one. Maybe it's time to get rebellious and stand for who you are and what you like, even if what you want right now is the wear all-black when the trend is to wear a massive pink coat. Maybe you're not into that and yes, one day, you'll be fine with being different.

Because being different is what makes life so beautiful. You'll grown up and earn more confidence, not giving a shit about what people think. Sometimes it's still hard to take the mean comments and people looking at you silly. But you're not supposed to care because nobody can decide what your life should be like, except you. And, anyway, people are too busy wondering what they look like ! 

You are the grand actor of your life, the earth is your stage and you can be the character you want to be. Live your life for yourself. So, let's get back to fashion : it's a way to express who you are, say things without words. It's the first impression people will get from you. Let it speak your story. Your life story or maybe just the story you want to tell today. There are no rules, or if there are, let's just break them. People won't mind. We won't mind. We like change, even if we don't always admit it, but change is what moves us. We couldn't go anywhere without change. We wouldn't wear denim jeans or miniskirts without change. Just take a look at your relationship with fashion : it's the most effortless kind of relationship, you don't have to keep in touch to have one to call your own. You don't have to do anything except just go with the flow. We think fashion should always be creative, fun, intuitive and spontaneous. Don't take fashion too seriously. It's really okay for fashion to be a career, a passion, a love affair, but don't feel guilty bout it. "Don't have guilty pleasures, just have pleasures. Like wht you like and never feel like a silly head for doing so."

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