samedi 29 novembre 2014

Inspiration #16

 New stuff in so we had to show them to you !

 Claire Basler's atelier <3

Chanel collages... can't wait for the CC The World movie !!

Inspiring interiors :)

mercredi 26 novembre 2014

Disco Gal

 It's never to early in the fall to wear a (fake) fur jacket. They just spin you into fall and winter with such warmth ! This one comes from K by Kookai at La Halle and I love its stripes pattern and softness, and it does keep you warm :) I teamed it with a pale pink jumper from Modavista (available at La Halle) and with a really cool pair of pants made with kind of a neoprene fabric and it has edgy detailing on the knees and cut-outs :) It comes from 27 Quai De Seine and it's totally became a staple. I accessorized this outfit with nice heavenly pale earrings and a spiked necklace. The little bag by La Halle is just the perfect mini-bag for the season : just enough room for all your essentials and with a funky iridescent color that goes with everything ! The boots are from K by Kookai and I just love their rock vibe with the silver touch on the heel.

lundi 24 novembre 2014

Chistmas gift idea: SISAO chocolate

Hey Stradi Girls & Boys !

Today, we'll talk about chocolate. How precious and delicious is this treasure ! Everyone knows that Switzerland is Chocolate's Kingdom right ?! We recently discovered this brand, called SISAO which is making pure and original swiss chocolate. Founded by two friends, Sisao is established in Lausanne.

One thing you have to know, we don't say "chocolate bar" but a pouch or "pochette" in french, so rad isn't it ?!

Sisao chocolate is lactose free and keep its original flavour by not adding sugar in it (cocoa has already sugar). You can taste black chocolate or milk chocolate. Elaborated and created in Switzerland, this product is totally fashionable with its philosophy and packaging. Sisao has a partnership with a farm in Togo which produces the cocoa, in the region of Kpalimé. We absolutely love that they are working in a fair spirit ! YAY !

You can shop the famous pouch - so many colors you won't be able to choose one - in Lausanne in those places (also available in Montreux, Geneva, Cully, Nyon, Vevey):

Everybody's wondering those days about Christmas gifts and what to offer to their family/colleagues/boss, so you have NO EXCUSE now that you're aware of Sisao right ?!

We tasted Sisao chocolate and can definitely say that it's smooth, tasty and a must-have !


Aujourd'hui, nous vous parlons chocolat. Quel précieux et délicieux trésor, n'est-ce pas ! Tout le monde sait que la Suisse est le royaume du chocolat ?! Nous avons récemment découvert cette marque, appelée SISAO qui fait de l'original et pur chocolat suisse. Fondée par deux amis, Sisao est établi à Lausanne.

Une chose que vous devez savoir, on ne dit pas "plaque de chocolat" mais "pochette", incroyable non ?!

Le chocolat Sisao est conçu sans lactose et sans sucre ajouté (la fève de chocolat en contient déjà). Vous pouvez goûter du chocolat noir ou au lait. Elaboré et créé en Suisse, ce produit est absolument "fashionable" avec sa philosophie et son packaging. Sisao est en partenariat avec une ferme basée au Togo qui produit du cacao (entre autre), dans la région de Kpalimé. Nous aimons le fait qu'ils travaillent dans un esprit "fair-trade" ! YAY!

Vous pouvez acheter les fameuses pochettes - tant de couleurs que vous n'arriverez pas à n'en choisir qu'une - à Lausanne dans ces lieux (aussi présent à Montreux, Genève, Cully, Nyon et Vevey):

Tout le monde se demande, ces jours, quel cadeau de Noël offrir à sa famille/collègues/patron, alors vous n'avez plus AUCUNE EXCUSE maintenant que vous connaissez Sisao !

Nous avons testé les chocolats Sisao et pouvons absolument vous dire que le goût y est. Un must-have par conséquent !



samedi 22 novembre 2014

[EVENTS IN GENEVA] 12ème Grand Prix Edelweiss de la Cosmétique & London Look Party

 This week we went to two really awesome events. Firstly, Edelweiss Magazine's 12th Cosmetic Awards at the Starling Hotel in Geneva, where we were very well received. The place is amazing and huge and the buffet was just the best ever. Of course, the ambiance was on point and we think everyone seemed to feel cheerful and happy. The awards were really cool, to see all the winners (and there are lots, because there are lots of great products!), click here because behind all your favorite products, there's a team of people trying to offer us the coolest products :)

We can wait to try the Clarins Instant Light Complexion Base which seems to work wonders for any tired face. Also, the YSL Teint Encre De Peau foundation should really feel like heaven and look at this packaging !! It's so great to have Bio Beauté by Nuxe's Vitamin Rich Detox Mask as a winner, because we love bio products and there should be more :)
A huge thank you to the Edelweiss Team for having us at this awesome party and for being so
RAD !! (and they just look like the bomb ! #beautifulpeople)
 Edelweiss' marketing team
 Edelweiss's writing team


 On Friday, we returned to Geneva for the London Look's Fashion Friday party where we met with Charlotte from InitialsCB. We had so much fun discovering this new shop at 59 Rue du Rhône and meet the team who created and imported their concept from Italy to our country !

They wanted to create an Italian brand flirting with the trends and realized while traveling around the world, that London's still the major fashion capital in terms of trends (we agree obvs.), so they went and they have been working on developping collections with students from London fashion and design schools, which we think is just amazing.

You can feel the work behind the collections, and we love that the designers played with the trends to deliver real good quality products (great fabrics and finitions) on clothes you don't see in all these other shops. Shop there if you want a bold, unique look (or a party dress because there are loads !). They also sell jewelry, accessories and bags :) And the best news ? It's amazing and affordable (meaning : it looks like ten millions bucks without hurting your wallet ;)

Like their Facebook page here for more info :)
And go to their shop with your girlfriends for a perfect shopping spree : we just love how they installed their shop, with clothes hanged by style and colors, it's just so visual ! (and there's also some man seats if you want to bring your boyfriend to give him hints of what you want for Christmas !)

Tell us your feedback if you went to the shop and what's your favorite thing about it :)

Instagram #38


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