dimanche 16 novembre 2014

Fall by Summy for Edelweiss loves La Redoute ♥

 As you've seen our contest post with our two outfits, I will talk a little bit more about my outfit. Obviously, it was pretty hard to choose a Fall outfit because there are so many funky, catchy trends that you want to follow but sometimes it's all a bit too much. When in doubt, I always go for less is more so I chose some casual pieces I know will pass the test of the season. The coat and dress come from the Soft Grey collection at La Redoute and it's no wonder I picked up from this line : they do boho-chic and always keep up with the trends, and I feel like most of the pieces are must-haves.

I totally fell in love with this burgundy parka with black leather detailing on the shoulders and on the sleeves, and also totally crushed on the inside coat and fur hood, how can you not ? You can take the lining out so the coat is much lighter and the perfect jacket for a sunny day. I just really love those pieces which you can wear whatever the season. I already own three kaki parkas so I felt I didn't need to add more to the collection... except for other colors, I know you girls feel me :) It's also available in kaki and black, and oh my god, the black one ! So sleek and cosy !!!

The dress, still from the Soft Grey line, has a really cool feathers pattern and a teardrop cut-out on the front, and a little tassel belt, so cute !! Of course, they do it in burgundy as well but I thought the monochrome one was more of a staple. I love that it has long sleeves, always great for the colder days :)

The last piece I chose were these shoes, yes these nice slippers which look just adorable ! (you can tell I like them!). They're just the most comfy shoes ever but still have a little flatform which is always nice. They have an edgy python-3D print and they are just great ! Sadly I can't find them on the website but I'm sure they will restock it very soon because the shoes are awesome !!!

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